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You can book up to 2 bowling alleys. Please contact us on 777 254 542, 737 050 616 or at the bar or via e-mail: skiland@skiland.cz


Monday - Thursday
10am - 4pm   180CZK/ 1 alley / 1hour
4pm - 10pm   240CZK / 1 alley / 1hour
Friday - Sunday, public holidays  
10am - 4pm 180CZK/ 1 alley/ 1hour
4pm - 12pm 240CZK/ 1 alley/ 1hour

There is a possibility to buy a voucher for bowling.

Opening times

Every Friday and Saturday 10am – 12pm

From Sunday to Thursday:

26. 12. – 15. 3 10am – 12pm
16. 3. – 30. 6. 10am – 10pm
1. 7. – 31. 8. 10am – 12pm
1. 9. – 23. 12. 10am – 10pm

Brief bowling rules

Bowling is an old game for bowling balls and pins were already found at the tomb of Egyptian ruler at about 5200BC. The current game was founded in first half of 19th century.

Bowling is a sport where the player is trying to hit as many bowling pins as he can with the bowling ball.

Bowling alleys has rectangular shape with dimensions: length 18,29m and width 1,05m. At the end of the bowling alley, there are 10 bowling pins shaped as triangle. Track surface is made of varnished wood and it is treated with oil.

Bowling pin is 38cm high and weighs about 1,5kg. Bowling ball is plastic (weight is reported in pounds). There are many different balls, weighing from 6 to 16 pounds. Circuit of the ball cannot be bigger than 68,6cm and its weight 7,25kg. The ball has 3 holes for fingers. There are ten rounds (FRAME). In every round (except the last one), the player tries to hit in two hits all ten pins. If it is achieved in one throw (STRIKE), the second throw is not necessary. At round 10, if all 10 pins are hit with the second throw (SPARE), there is an extra throw. It all 10 pins are hit with first throw, there are two more throws.

Every hit pin brings 1 point to the player. There are bonus points if the player has STRIKE. The maximum points in one game are 300 (12 strikes in a row).


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