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Do podzemí: jesenické jeskyně

Underground: Jeseníky caves

Jeseníky mountains are not only uphill, but also downhill. And that's pretty deep. Two complexes of lovely stalactite caves can be found on the northern edge of the mountains, near the town of Jeseník. We are talking about the jeskyně Na Špičáku (Na Spicaku caves) near Písečná village and jeskyně Na Pomezí (caves Na Pomezí) near Lipová Lázně.

Jeskyně na Pomezí are the largest accessible caves in the Czech Republic, which was formed by dissolving of the marble. They are characterized by narrow, in some places even quite high corridors that are crossing into the smaller domes. You will see here the impressive cascade formations and huge stalactites. The cave is about 1.7 km long, the tour is less than 400 meters long. The tour takes about 45 minutes. The average temperature is less than 8 ° C.

Jeskyně na Špičáku are one of the earliest documented caves in Central Europe. The first mention dates back to the early 15th century. Caves often served as a shelter for the local inhabitants in times of war or riots. It was accessible for the first time in the years 1884 - 1885 by the Sudeten German mountain association, in its present form is then available since 1955. Over 400 meter-long underground labyrinth of corridors and chambers is formed from the Devonian marble, which are marine sediments old around 360 million years. Developments was greatly affected the water from melting glaciers that gave corridors their typical shape. The tour route measures 220 m and is wheelchair accessible. Surrounding areas of the caves can be viewed from a nearby lookout Hemberg (nice walking circuit around the hill Křemenáč) or visit the former Supíkovice abandoned lime works in a flooded quarry.

Starting points:

You will find the entry to the caves Na Pomezí near the road I / 60 from Lipová Lázně and Javorník. A train comes here on the route no. 295 from Lipová-Lázně, the cave is about 500 meters from the entry. Bus lines also stop nearby the caves. 

Jeskyně Na Špičáku (Na Špičáku caves) lie near the village of Písečná near the road II / 455 to Supíkovice. Písečná railway station on line no. 292 Jesenik - Krnov is just over 1 kilometer from the cave. You can get here also by buses.

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