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Through the canyon of Bílá Opava

Kaňonem Bílé Opavy do Velkého kotle

On a trip to the most beautiful places of the Jeseníky mountains you will see charming pools, rapids and waterfalls of Bilá Opava river, střechu Moravy (Moravian roof) - (when there is no fog), the mysterious Petrovy kameny (Peter´s stones) - (when not foggy) and the fascinating amphitheater of Velká kotlina (Great Basin).


The classic mountain hike. In the beginning sometimes difficult stretches of the canyon Bílá Opava river (caution when there is rain or snow; section can be bypassed), transverse crossing of the ridge above the forest line (pay attention to weather changes), then descend into Velká kotlina (also called Velký kotel) and further on the forest path to Karlov.

Points of Interest

Karlova Studánka is a charming spa town with a unique atmosphere.

Bílá Opava, one of the three main sources of the Opava river, diverts water from the eastern slopes of the highest peaks of Jeseníky mountains. Water-rich region has given rise to a deeply cut valley that rapidly goes down to Karlova Studánka. Bílá Opava river has the character of a wild mountain river with lots of rapids and waterfalls. The rarities of nature are described on the boards of the nature trail that begins near Karlova Studánka and bring tourists to the edge of the forest in the rarest places in Jeseníky.

Praděd is the highest mountain in Moravia, the top of the transmitter is the highest point of the Czech Republic firmly connected to the ground (about 1653 m). On the slopes of Praděd and Vysoká hole you will find one of the most famous and highest placed ski centers in the Czech Republic. Season ends there around the end of April but not due to the lack of snow, but in order to protect the unique mountain nature.

Petrovy kameny that lie below the peak of Vysoká hole are called witness rocks because they remember the last ice age. Also they remember the infamous witch trials of the late 17th century during which they were dozens of women and girls deprived of life because of the accusation of the witchcraft. It was on Petrovy kameny where they were supposed to meet with devils and carry with them a variety of raids.

The southern slopes of the Vysoká hole steeply fall into glacial cirque Velká kotlina. This is a relatively small area where number of rare plants bloom every year. The natural values ​​of Velká kotlina are described in the information trail, one of the oldest in the country.

Karlov at the end of the route is mainly in winter one of the most popular recreational centers in Severní Morava (Northern Moravia). Offering slopes, lifts and maintained cross-country rails, in summer you can frisk about in the rope center.

Transport and Services

Accessibility by car, parking: The route is not circular. In Karlova Studánka there are two large car parks at the entrance from Malá Morávka / Jeseník or Vrbno Pradědem. In Karlov there are a few parking lots, at the upper part, however, the parking is limited. We recommend parking at the complex Pawlina.

Access by public transport: There are number of local and long-distance buses stop here. The buses from the city of Bruntál and other places go here too.

Refreshments: In Karlova Studánka village there are several restaurants in the season, but can be overcrowded during the high season. Meals or refreshments along the route can be found in the chalets and hotels Barborka, Ovčárna or Figura. In Karlov there are many restaurants and pubs.

Accommodation: Accommodation options are in Karlova Studánka, hotel Praděd, Kurzovní, Barborka, Figura, a number of hotels and guesthouses in Karlov in the surrounding area.


Karlova Studánka, Hubert (810 m), nature reserve Bílá Opava, Above the falls of Bílá Opava, Barborka (1320 m) Ovčárna (1300 meters) Nad Velkým kotlem (1370 meters) Velký kotel Karlov, crossroads. Moravice (745 m)

 Length: 14 km / 3:30 hours

Vertical drop: + 620 / -650 m

Description: From the upper parking lot (from the bus stop) U Huberta on the road and later comfortably on the forest road to the crossroads Reservation White Opava. Impressive canyon trail continues with yellow mark through the bottom of the valley, the blue mark avoids the canyon and climbs the hillside to the crossroads Nad vodopády Bílé Opavy, where the two meet again. We continue to the crossroads Pod Ovčárnou (follow the yellow mark for the shortcut to Ovčárna) and further along the blue mark towards the tourist lodge Barborka (5.5 km). From here follow the asphalt road offering views of Praděd and into the valley of Bílá Opava to the mountain hotel Ovčárna. If you want to terminate your hike here, you can take a shuttle bus or a green mark back to Karlova Studánka (a large portion of the road, a total of 5 km). We will rather go up the hillside of Vysoké hole towards the crossroads Nad Velkým kotlem. Shortly before it we will reach the highest point of our route (1400 m, views). Next is the traverse descent to Velký kotel with the view of the walls and bottom of the glacial cirque. The trail in the switchbacks (do not shorten!) descends to the bottom of the valley of the river Moravice. Go through the comfortable forest path to the upper end of Karlov to the crossroads of hiking trails. To the bus stop "Malá Morávka, Karlov, garáž" go another 250 meters following to the green mark toward the cottage Alfrédka. More bus ride from Malá Morávka (down through Karlov 4 km).

Maps: Gross Jesenik (KCT no. 55)

Accessibility for cyclists: Most routes are inaccessible to cyclists.


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