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jeřábská vrchovina

The magic of Jeřábská Highlands

Do you know Jeřábská Highlands? Do not get scared, you have not missed anything major in geography. It is not more than a small group of hills between Králíky and Hanušovice, halfway between Jeseníky and Orlické hory, with the highest peak of Jeřáb, which barely exceeds the height of 1000 meters. You will find here really magical places: a beautiful quiet forests, captivating pastures and bare backs with far away views, ancient Sudeten road, spring of Tichá Orlice river and one of the most beautiful pilgrimage sites in the Czech Republic - Monastery on the Hora Matky Boží above Králíky.

Hora Matky Boží (Mount Madonna), originally Lysá hora, in German Marienberg or Muttergottesberg is dominant, 760 meters high and from way back an unforested hill above the town Králíky, with a beautiful view of the countryside. The creation of the pilgrimage place is associated with Králíky native and later bishop of Hradec Králové Tobiáš Jan Becker (1646-1710). As a little boy would go with the other children to Lysá hora, where they prayed together and sang. Even then he decided that when he grows up, he will build a church on the on the mountain. When he became a priest and later a canon of St. Vitus, rumours spread across regions about mysterious phenomena, especially the mysterious glow coming from the hills and illuminating the whole neighborhood. That is why he decided to fulfill his promise and he started to build a three-nave church on Lysá hora. It was completed in the year 1700. That same year a love painting of P. Marie Sněžná was brought here (according to the original from the Roman temple of Santa Maria Maggiore, which it believed it was painted by St. Luke the Evangelist), which became the heart of the pilgrimage site, and Lysa hora got a new name – Hora Matky Boží (Mountain of Holy Mother of God). In the years 1701 - 1704 Tobiáš Becker erected (at that time newly consecrated bishop) four-wing cloister behind which he in the years 1706 to 1710 established a monastery, i.e. the servants of the Virgin Mary. Access path from Králíky was decorated by him with seven hexagonal chapels of the cross way.

You can appreciate the charm of the place thanks to the lookout tower Val, located about 1 km from the monastery on the yellow hiking trail that goes from Králíky into the centre of the Jeřábská vrchovina (towards the Severomoravská chata) (North Moravian chalet). The lookout tower is part of the telecommunications tower and is freely accessible. Viewing platform is 22 meters above the ground and offers great views.

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