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On the way to Králický Sněžník

Na Králický Sněžník

Ascent to the Králický Sněžník (Śnieżnik Kłodzki, 1424 m) offers plenty of adventures and recreation in mountain torrents. The way is in many places lined with blueberries and below the peak is waiting the silhouette of a baby elephant. Significant thing is also the source of the Morava River, the water of which flows into the Danube as it continues to the Black Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Polish slopes of the Sněžník are enticing waters in the Baltic Sea.



Many routes lead to the top of Králický Sněžník. One of the most challenging is the one that starts in Horní Morava and leads up against the stream of the the river Morava. It is only suitable for more capable children.


Points of Interest

Yellow line to the summit of Králický Sněžník offers a view on the upper current of the largest Moravian river Morava. During the tours the visitor passes by several tributaries of which are particularly notable left-hand tributaries flowing through the karst area of ​​crystalline limestone so called Sněžnické mramory (marbles). Interesting is also the local fauna and flora of the alpine character. Top of mountains is decorated since 1932 with the granite statue of a baby elephant that was built here as their symbol of German art association Jescher.

Tvarožné díry - according to the legend, propectors hid their tools into this 184 meters long cave. The occurrence of water bearing sinter - moonmilk, whose popular name is curd, hence Tvarožné hole. In the underground the bats hibernate. Beware of the mysterious creatures on the way. Quite inconspicuous turning away from the tourist landing beyond Tvarožské hole leads to the 18 meter waterfall Pod Strašidly.

The upper part of the Morava river valley is called Lavinová dráha (Avalanche track). Due to the blown snow under spring of the Morava here, under certain conditions, natural avalanches are formed, approximately once in forty years. These create forested-less sites in the relatively low altitude.

Boundary hill Klepý (2 km west of Horní Morava) is a genuine roof of Europe. Here, the borders of three drainage areas join - Northern, Baltic and Black. 

Accessibility by car, parking: Horní Morava can be reached by car and park in the local part of Horní Morava on the adjacent parking lot.

Access by public transportation: Take the bus to the final stop Horní Morava.

Refreshments: On the trail there are no refreshments. Visitors can walk from the peak of Králický Sněžník about 1.5 km along the green mark to Poland, where is a tourist chalet (Schronisko Na Śnieżniku) below the top of Malý Králický Sněžník (Maly Śnieżnik, 1337m). The cottage offers overnight stays and buffet meals.


Horní Morava, bus, final stop (698 m) Králický Sněžník (1424 m) and back

Length: ascent of 10 km / 3 hours, with a return of 20 km / 5.5 hours

Vertical drop: + 750 / -750 m

Description: From the parking lot in Horní Morava go along the yellow trail upstream of the Morava river to the caves Tvarožné díry and following the slope of the valley to the top. On the way turn to the Mléčný pramen and to the Pod Strašidly waterfall. For the descent from the cottage Vilemína to upper Morava use the asphalt road on the right bank of the Morava river.

Accessibility by bike: Top of Králický Sněžník is closed for cyclists, but its slopes offer numerous well passable paved asphalt and forest roads. The possibility of crossing to the cottage Na návrší.

Information center for Skiresort Dolní Morava, 561 69 Dolní Morava, mobile: +420 602 378 150, e-mail: resort@dolnimorava.cz

Information Offices

Tourist information center of Staré Město, náměstí Osvobození 166, 788 32 Staré Město pod Sněžníkem, tel .: +420 583 239 134, e-mail: tic.staremesto@tiscali.cz

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