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On the roof of Morava: (Jeseníky ridge)

Jesenický hlavní hřeben

To experience the Jeseníky mountains in full splendour, go along the main ridge from Skřítek to Ramzovské sedlo. Depending on the weather you can enjoy a distant view from the grassy ridge and clouds flying amongst the tree crowns of the weathered mountain pines. The route is 38 km and it can be done in one long summer day, but we will definitely recommend looser pace and more time for admiring.


Begin in the Skřítek saddle, at the roadhouse parking lot and a bus stop with a frequent operation of local and long-distance lines. Follow the green trail, which will soon go up through the forest to Ztracené kameny (The lost stones). Peak rocks with large screes first offer the first magical views of the Šumperk valley and the massif of the Králický Sněžník. Our path will take us above Ztracené kameny (Lost stones) out of the forest to the mountain meadow. We will climb to the summit of Pecný (1330) and this time with the views of the Silesian side of the Jeseníky mountains we will continue to Jelení studánka (Deer spring) (1311). The saddle contains a strong spring and a stone shelter. Here, the green mark will be replaced by the red mark and we will climb along the ridge alternately covered with scrub to ever higher peaks of Máj (1386) and Vysoká hole (1464). We will pass Petrovy kameny and we descend to Ovčárna (restaurants, snacks). There is also a restaurant at nearby Barborka.

Furthermore, we must put up with the asphalt road that rises from Ovčárna to the transmitter on top of Praděd. Red marker does not lead to the top, the road was cut off and it continues more comfortable way to Švýcárna (1305). Classic mountain chalet offers meals and first option for overnight accommodation. If we want to continue, follow the red mark, as over Malý Jezerný and Výrovka gradually decreases to Červenohorské sedlo (1013). Here are additional opportunities for accommodation and meals, there is also a good bus connections to Šumperk and Jesenik.

From the saddle we will climb to the crossroads Bílý sloup beneath the Červená hora (Red mountain). Choose whether you still walk on the red mark to Vřesová studánka (1313), or turn to yellow mark and climb to the top of Červená hora (1333). In the first case, you will find a charming chapel and a water source close to the bases of the 1970´s demolished tourist cottage and in the second to stretch scrub along the edge of the glacier of the Sněžná kotlina on the rocky summit and then around remarkable Kamenné okno to the Sedlo pod Vřesovkou, where they again connect to red mark. Through Trojmezí the trail climbs to the summit Keprník (1423), a major peak with impressive panoramic views. Followed by a stretch of mountain forest to the chata Jiřího na Šeráku (cottage of Jiří on Šerák) - restaurants, accommodation.

The road from Šerák is declining on the path across the southern flank of Mračná to Černava and offers nice views of Keprník, Vozka and into the valley of the Klepáčský potok (stream). From Černava across the forest slopes to the valley station of the cableway in Ramzová and deserved refreshment in the local pubs. Ramzová also has good bus and train connections.

Ridge can be managed by walking and by cross-country skiing but the trail is not maintained except for some sections. Especially in the open sections of the ridge the trace disappears, ice plates can appear. There are several dangerous descents marked by sticks. Cycling is not possible. Booking the accommodation in advance is required.

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