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In case, that you can´t ski but don´t want to give up on winter sports, snow and snowy hills, we have a simple solution for you! Walking on snowshoes!! Movement on snowshoes allow to everybody, no matter the experiences, special techniques or skiing equipment to make trips to nature in winter times. The reasons why is it worth it. 

  • easy to climb uphill
  • no crowds like at ski slopes
  • snowshoes are stable, do not slide or go backwards, no worries of high speed
  • snowshoes are not expensive and there is no need for additional equipment
  • no need to learn special techniques, after an hour or two you will be a professional
  • movement is not dependable on groomed slopes
  • you can also move safe in woods and difficult terrain
  • snowshoes are light, take up less space, versatile, they do not need waxing or any other special care

Orders and reservation

Orders and reservation can be done by phone on +420 737 050 616 or by mail skiland@skiland.cz or at the hotel reception.

Price list

 snowshoes rental price
8-13hod (snowshoes + sticks) 150,-
13-16hod (snowshoes + sticks) 100,-
16-20hod (snowshoes + sticks + headlight) 200,-
8-16hod (snowshoes + sticks) 250,-

Opening times - during winter season

daily 8:00h. – 20:00h.

Off season according to the phone or email appointment.

With Jeseníky RegionCard we provide 1+1 snowshoes for free from 1pm - 4pm. 

Plakát sněžnice 2016

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