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Areal Skiland

Sports equipment rental

Your bike, baby carriages for bikes, scooter, stroller, jumping shoes, nordic walking sticks, snowshoes stayed at home? Never mind, borrow at our sports equipment rental.

Orders and reservations

For reservation please call 737 050 616, 583 230 068


  half day(4 hours) whole day (8 hours)
Bike 250CZK 350CZK
Baby carriages for bikes 150CZK 250CZK
Strollers 100CZK 150CZK
Pushbike 50CZK 100CZK
Scooter 150CZK 250CZK
Nordic walking sticks 100CZK 150CZK
Jumping shoes 30 minutes / 80CZK

Openning hours

peak 8am – 8pm

Off peak according to phone or mail agreement

You will have to pay the deposit before borrowing the sports equipment. The deposit will be refunded when you return rented equipment. The deposit can be used to pay up potential damages or as a fine for late return. The amount of deposit can be set individually.


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